Beautiful Deepin Linux 20.1 Arrives With Bluetooth File Transfer Support

As the year 2020 will end today, the Deepin OS group has announced a brand-new stable point version 20.1 (1010) of its Deepin Linux 20 series.

The current Deepin 20.1 (1010) features many updates varying from kernel, apps, repositories, improved system stability, compatibility and efficiency.

What’s New In Deepin Linux 20.1?

As you might know, Deepin has double kernel setup assistance, which was presented in the previous steady release.

For v201, it has actually updated its steady Linux kernel from version 5.7 to 5.8 and added minor upgrade to its LTS kernel 5.4.

Deepin 20.1 — New Kernels
Deepin 20.1– New Kernels

Subsequently, the brand-new kernel has enhanced the general stability of Deepin OS and compatibility with various hardware.

Furthermore, Deepin 20.1 has actually upgraded its underlying Debian repository to the most steady Debian 10.6, which deals with security concerns and other problems.

On the software application side, it has not just added new functions to the existing applications but likewise presented brand-new Deepin applications.

For instance, new power settings in the Nerve center to support 3 modes: Well balanced, Power Saver, and High Performance, and Bluetooth file transfer support in the Bluetooth app.

Bluetooth File Transfer Support in Deepin Linux 20.1
Bluetooth File Transfer
New Power Plans
New Power Settings

Among the new apps, Deepin 20.1 has actually replaced Firefox, Thunderbird, GParted, and Cheese with Deepin Web Browser, Mail, Disk Supervisor, and Video camera respectively.

Here are the other crucial changes that variation 20.1 (1010) consists of:

  • Better efficiency
  • Touch gesture assistance, consisting of swipe acceleration and one-finger gestures
  • Support to search through file content in File Manager
  • Repaired high CPU use after beginning Firefox
  • Capability to pause and resume compression and decompression for Archive Manager
  • 10 new built-in themes for Terminal
  • Create new windows and work areas with gestures in Terminal
  • Full-screen mode in the Document Audience app
Deepin 20.1 ISO

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